Poor Mitch – This weeks Emergency

Mitch looking alot better already.

We took last week a little dog that a lady had taken off Scumtree. He was is in a very bad way. THE FIRST PICTURE IS WHEN WE GOT HIM LAST WEEKEND. He is a yorkie (believe it or not), he had seen a vet with the ‘holder’ and as she was unable to get his eye drops in he was on oral antibiotics. It was feared he may lose full sight in both eyes 😞 We took him and he is in foster with our great friend Carole Stewartfountain who is doing sterling work with his eyes (last TWO PICS ARE NOW). I really REALLY WANT TO HELP HIM and his RBU have got a few very sick dogs at the moment so WE NEED TO GET HIS VET WORK DONE AND PAID, he needs serious dental work, neuter and also to get his eyes looked at whilst under. I have attached his vet quote (not including eyes). He would make a brilliant companion for an older couple (no children at all) in the future. We need to get him sorted medically before he can be properly assessed as he has been in great pain. HE IS BOOKED IN THE VETS TOMORROW AND WE REALLY NEED A MASSIVE HAND WITH HIS BILL. paypal is pennies@teampoundie.com we can pm bank if needed. Not heard back from vets so at the moment i CAN’T SAY PAY DIRECT can you mark donations Mitch please. Can you help him please so he can have the future he deserves. The vets he has seen already aged him at 9 years old, we think he is a lot younger.