Sponsored Walk London – Brighton

Anji O’Donoghue, Chel Sinclaire and Mandy Lunn are walking from London to Brighton on the 25th & 26th August 2018 for Team Poundie, to help save more dogs lives.
There is no end to the dogs finding their way into the pounds, many with illnesses that are costing hundreds of pounds. Dogs no longer wanted with no history, that as a minimum need neutering, vaccinating and worming/flea treated.
To save many dogs lives they have to go into Emergency Boarding for a time, which costs money too and without vital funds they cannot be helped.
The walk from London to Brighton is long, but these ladies have hearts like Lions and they care deeply for the welfare of all animals. Being part of Team Poundie is a way of life and they will do whatever it takes to help the lives of the poor dogs abandoned and unwanted.
Being a small Charity and run purely by unpaid volunteers, every penny goes towards helping these dogs so by sponsoring Anji, Chel & Mandy you truly are saving lives. Thank you.

Team Poundie save the lives of dogs who find themselves in the pound with only 7 days to live if they are not claimed. Without your help many dogs would die,sad and alone.