‘Pledge a Christmas Kennel’


What does Christmas mean to you?
To most people it means cosy fires, warm food, being with friends.  Its a time to enjoy being loved and feel happy.

There is however another side to Christmas,  At this time of year there is the start of an influx of strays into the pounds.  Usually they are older dogs being dumped to make way for a new ‘Christmas pup’.  They are scared and confused.  It makes us sad each year.

Rescues struggle at this time with this large influx, kennel bills suddenly increase dramatically due to a shortage of foster homes.  There are usually only two options for these dogs….private emergency boarding or pts.  PTS is not an option we consider so we try hard to support these dedicated rescues to ensure we can save the lives of as many dogs as possible, hence this appeal.

Can you please help us save lives by sponsoring a kennel this Christmas?

£5 will keep one dog safe and alive for one day.



You can send Paypal donations to  pennies@teampoundie.com
or BACS to the following account:

Sort Code: 77-27-25
Account Number:  61125360

Please help us to keep them safe this winter. 

Thankyou x