DDA. ‘Dangerous Dogs Act’

Over the next few weeks we will be creating a new page of links for this really important piece of legislation.  It is  important because it kills dogs.  Many people are not aware of their rights under this act.
Many people also think this act applies to just bull-breeds.  It does not.  It applies to any dog regardless of age or breed.

This is what Cathy Holding, our founder,  has to say:

“If a person is arrested they get the right to a solicitor.
If a dog is seized AND THE OWNER FOUND they are NOT NOTIFIED THAT SUCH SOLICITORS EXIST TO ASSIST THEM GET THEIR DOGS BACK.  We think this should be changed and made LAW
Owners should be offerred the choice  NOT FORCED BY WORDS AND SUGGESTION that they need to sign the dog over because as soon as the dog is signed over its fate is usually death.”

If you are approached and asked to sign your dog over then REFUSE and contact DDA Watch IMMEDIATELY on any of the following helplines:  0844 844 2990 ,   0844 844 0802,   0844 844 2900,   0844 318 9980,   07870 169585,   07941 020754

The lines are manned by volunteers Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm.  There is also an emergency number for out of hours.

Please visit their website and familiarise yourself with the DDA, it could be your dog next.