The start of the Nationwide Team Poundie Neutering Campaign

We are now over half way on our goal which is to neuter 500 dogs.

We are so proud to announce that the lovely Reena Patel is right behind Team Poundie and it’s Neutering Campaign.

Reena is also on hand to help us with any veterinary needs we have and for our poundies.

Thank you so much for your support Reena, here’s hoping we keep you very busy in the future – we know our dogs are safe in your capable hands xxx


My name is Reena Patel, and I have been a qualified veterinary surgeon for 13 years, and an avid animal lover all my life.

I am privileged to be working in a job which I love, and putting my upmost into improving animal care at all levels, be it from training a young pup, to neutering, to complex surgeries, to end of life management.  I have an advanced veterinary qualification in surgery, and have particular interest in diagnostic imaging, dentistry, oncology and general medicine.

I have been lucky to have also been part of various TV shows around the job I love.  I was the vet for Blue Peter for a number of years, co-presented a children’s series call ‘Pet School’, and have been behind the scenes in the Sport Relief programme TopDog.

Alongside running my two practices, I have two children, and mastiff called Piper and a cat called Bella.


Dixie has joined the neutering club today, no more seasons or puppies for you young lady.

Thank you to Cleo’s Mutley Crew Dog Rescue for your wonderful work!

Simba would like to join the Neutering Campaign and has signed up to have those plums removed xx

Freddie has sent in his application to join the Team Poundie crew xx

Shadow has signed up to have his knacky noodles off xx