Thankyou Very Much

Online communities contain so many wonderful people who support Team Poundie and the wider Dog Rescue world with one single aim – to rescue dogs who do not have a voice.    Sometimes it can seem that the only voice is ours and we rely on our online supporters to help us make our voice be heard far and wide.

Team Poundie have this year reached some amazing goals to further and progress in it’s determination to save and rehome as many poundies as possible, reaching Charity status is one of the biggest steps to advance and we as a team would like to thank each and every one of you who has helped whether by donating… cross posting… transporting .. providing rescue or any of the myriad of unseen duties needed to save a life we could not continue without you.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook Pages and Twitter Feed and ‘share’, ‘like’ and ‘comment’ …. it all counts and the dogs rely on you.

Every single day we say a huge “thankyou” to our supporters for helping us save lives.