Special Urgent Appeal




**Special Urgent Appeal***

The main pound Cathy pulls from has recently lost a rescues support for now, as the owner sadly passed away.

This means all 24 kennels in the pound and all inhabitants need to find a space after 7 days.  If we can’t find them a space then they are euthanased as per local authority policy.    We find this thought heart-breaking as well as blooming awful.

CAN YOU SPARE £5 per month!!??
That keeps one dog SAFE FOR ONE DAY!!!
this day might just buy us the time we need to get them safe

Would you like to buy a Calendar or some Christmas Cards?

Our auction is also  running now,    but with our EB bill which has arrived today with a balance to pay of £730 on top of everything else, we are appealing for your help.

Today alone, 3 dogs have been on their freedom ride, we can’t sustain this amount of dogs without your support – we are really at a crucial time of the year too.   Without the support we provide to rescues, we could lose more and lives will be lost.

Please we need you!!