Team Poundie

So what does Team Poundie do ?
Our mission from day one as an Animal Welfare Charity, is to fight for the Welfare of dogs primarily.
As the years have progressed we have become a trusted source for owners, rescuers and rescue’s to come to us for help directly and many times reduced the need for dogs to end up in the pound. We have tried to reduce the amount of dogs entering pounds, so we know more about them and their needs and the best ways we can help.
Along our journey, we have responded to shouts of help when a rescue has fallen and taken dogs under our wing that have no where to go and no one to support them. Some who would never be suitable to live in a home.
We neuter dogs, the numbers are based on what we can afford and that is for rescue’s so they can rehome and for struggling individuals.
We help transport dogs and now with our own first van we have been able to help so many more saving us large amounts of funds.
We hold a very extensive Charity Insurance which covers us for our work, our shop and also for the rehoming of dogs directly. If we can home dogs directly because we have suitable homes we will, if we can’t we ask for help from an amazing number of rescue associates who we then support financially and in any other way possible until that specific dog gets a home.
We help with domestic abuse cases, dogs whose owners are losing their homes and ones that need our care for a length of time if their owners can’t.
We rehome dogs from Pounds, we fight for the welfare of dogs and we use emergency kennels right across the UK for any temporary emergencies when we have to – to save their lives.
Any dogs in their final stages of life for whatever reason are cared for right to the end, not just with money but because of the support of amazing people.
We support wherever we can, under at times immense pressure. Many dogs we cannot publicly post or share their plight, so if we are quiet at times it’s not because we have stopped – it’s because we are fighting for the welfare of dogs that to expose certain things would put many animals and people at risk.
So, when people ask you are Team Poundie a Rescue or a fundraiser – we are neither.
If you would like to help join our wonderful family, we are extremely grateful for every blanket, food item, auction item, donation, each share, page like, recommendation and most of all your support.
This is a place where teamwork really does save lives, no matter what part in you play. EVERYTHING MATTERS.
Thank you to everyone for your amazing help making Team Poundie so very special x