Team Poundie Recycling Project

A New Way for you to help raise funds.
***Recycling Projects***

If you’ve ever been abroad for your holidays you’ll know too well that there’s always foreign coins, and sometimes notes, that you’re left with and can’t exchange. Well now you can put them to good use and help raise vital funds for Team Poundie.
We work with Recycling for Good Causes, who can turn unwanted currency (even old, out of circulation currencies from the UK and other countries) into funds for us.
And it’s not just currency we can recycle…
• Jewellery (any material, broken or wearable)
• Watches (broken or working)
• Used stamps (UK & foreign)
• Gadgets (mobile phones, cameras, Satnavs, game consoles, laptops/tablets, MP3’s etc.)
Starting your own recycling project for Team Poundie couldn’t be easier. It’s completely free and requires no long term commitment.
Simply contact Recycling for Good Causes for your free recycling sack now:
• 0800 633 5323
You’ll be sent everything you need and it won’t cost you a penny. Once your sack is full, call the free phone number and collection will be arranged free of charge at your convenience.
How simple is that?

You can also drop or post to the Team Poundie shop, where we have a box:

8 Bagley Drive
Broklands Estate