Shoe Box appeal 2019

Truly humbled and grateful for the huge team effort again this year, for our huge shoebox appeal.
There are still parcels heading across the country to get to their destinations, everyone has worked so hard with one thing in mind “To ensure as many doggie’s without their own forever family, get a gift from Santa” If the love put into these parcels send a magical hope of a home for 2020, then they will get one!
You are truly such wonderful people, sacrificing your own time and money to try to spread some Christmas spirit.
We love you all and hope you will join us again next year!
No idea how many have gone out, totally lost count! BUT we know it’s a lot!
Please if you have dogs who are recipients of one of the parcels, we would love to see as many happy pictures as possible on this thread, that’s the only thing that makes us all happy. If the dogs are still looking for a home, post a bit about them, you never know – you may just reach that special person looking for a furbaby like them.
Happy Christmas everyone and thank you from the very bottom of hearts, sharing, fostering, adopting, donating, purchasing from our auctions & raffles, transporting……..oh yes transporting……..
We have had our van 13 weeks and it has done 13,000 miles already……equivalent to 1000 miles a week! All those dogs moved onto a new life, vet trips, deliveries and collections……thank you Simon, your our hero for 2019 mate!
Our work isn’t done for Christmas, it won’t stop but we will try to get some family time and hope you all do too.
Lots of love
Team Poundie xx

The 2019 shoebox appeal is well under way to help the dogs in kennels or emergency boarding, if you would like to do a box or boxes or donate something to go in the box please get in touch through the web site or on Facebook, in the search bar just type in Team Poundie and someone from the charity will be in touch asap. Thankyou x