Saving Blue and Asking For Help

Blu safe with the transporter.

Blu safe with Sharry.

***Blu Update***

So sorry everything went quiet on Blu, instead of being PTS the owner decided to hand into a rescue that was a far worse decision (Yes worse)! We tried to get the owner to pull him back, but the rescue said he had been re-homed. BUT we got him out today -after so many people worked together, he has had a perfect foster/forever home check completed this morning and after being pulled from the rescue this morning, now waiting in safety – he will be heading up to a wonderful family shortly.
This boy had lived outside for over a year, being fed by neighbors after the RSPCA refused to do anything, the owner didn’t live there and the house was about to be re-possessed – this poor lad has just had the most awful experiences!
Robyn Brownless, Jaquie Leigh Stobart, Teresa White, Holly Maitland, Sharry Ratcliffe, Sarah Boylan, Alison Sewell, Karen Elizabeth Graham & Team Poundie’s very own Cathy, Mandy, Ellie and Nat – that’s how many people it took to get him into a home! And thank you so much Frank Robertson for opening your home, he needs so much love and care the poor soul. The response for Blu was so wonderful, please think about saving one of the others out there waiting – there are so many about to die.


Blu stretching his legs.

This isn’t an update to say “hey look what we have done”, its a post to ask for help. We need funds for this lad – we paid £125 to get him out in adoption fees and £10 in transport costs. We anticipate with his neuter it is going to cost in the region of £300 in total.

We can only do this with your help and only with people working together – helping us achieve that one goal – SAVING A LIFE! That’s all that matters here – nothing else xx

Thank you everyone from the heart – please let this be Baby Blu’s happy life from now on – no more sadness xx

God bless you all out there saving dogs lives and trying to make a difference – no matter what part you play, its all massively important xx