Gorgeous boy Rusty found himself in the pound. He is an absolute poppet; sadly he was one of the poundies at the top of the put to sleep list. Rusty is 2-4yr old staffie boy, he entered the pound entire and microchipped. A gentle boy and well mannered, he doesn’t seem to mind other dogs and is very clean in his kennel. He is a sweetie!
So Team Poundie Founder Cathy, supported by her team, did everything possible to get him safe. Rescue space was found for Rusty just in time and thankfully there was even a foster space for him too! So off he went on his ride to freedom and here he is settling in with his foster family.

He has also now been neutered and is doing very well after his operation. This handsome boy also has a family waiting to adopt him already! If we get any updates from his new owners after he joins their family we will be sure to ask for permission to share them with you all.