Hi guys I really need your help a good friend of mine lost her mum about 4 weeks ago very unexpectedly, the thing is her mum had a 5 year old whippet called Rosie, one of the family has taken her in but the young lady is finding it very difficult to cope as Rosie is showing signs of anxiety possibly separation anxiety as she’s never been without her mum so they think it would be better to find Rosie another home that will be able to give her the time she needs.
Rosie is a 5-year-old female Whippet that is also deaf, she has been spayed, up to date with vaccinations and wormed/flee’d
She good with dogs but a big NO with cats, likes kids but a bit stand offish with men, but we think Rosie is fretting from the loss of mum, also because Rosie is deaf can get startled and can react, but I have met her and she is the sweetest girl and doesn’t seem to have a nasty bone in her body, the family just think she would be ideal for a lady by herself, that is home most of the time as she is anxious at moment , she has only ever known her mum and obviously visiting family.
We are looking for someone home a lot of the time and that as either had experience with DEAF dogs are has the time and patience to help her settle in a new environment
Rosie’s mum spoiled her lol so she is a little on the chucky side, as you can see in the pictures x
The young lady works full time and Rosie is used to someone being with her A LOT of the time and the family think that she is stressed being on its own as always had company, the young lady took Rosie to the vet to see if she could get help with the anxiety but because the vet was told she as nipped and because she can react ( but not in a nasty way ) when startled the vet wanted to put her a sleep, looking at it from the dogs point , she went to bed and lost the person she loves and has known since a pup , we don’t know what she is thinking, and you can see the sadness in her eyes. She is a healthy although over weight lovely dog and she doesn’t need to be put to sleep she just needs someone to cuddle and follow 24/7 lol
Homecheck and adoption fee apply with the rescue that will help us and take her on their books ❤