Rescue Space Needed

Urgently seeking a rescue space ( as would like to get him neutered ASAP due to one large testicle) is Larry is a guessing 5-7 yr old Staffie boy entire, microchipped. Larry is a happy lad, can be bit vocal sometimes, doesn’t seem to take any notice of the other dogs, nice lad. 1 of his testicles does seem to be bigger than the other one, not sure if this is something suspect or not. X

Needing some help is the most beautiful dog who sadly is in a neglected and sad condition.,rescue space only please for tragic Norman. He is a staff boy entire,obviously been dumped. He has come in with a bad skin infection and is very red and scabby, vet doesn’t think anything contagious and is on antibiotics for it. Norman doesn’t mind the other dogs, he was quite nervous when he came in a is head shy, poor boy hasn’t had a good life so far!!! 😭