Paddy has been staying with Aunty Lizzie but on Friday he will go back to kennels. This is so sad. He has loved his time away. Is there a foster home waiting for Paddy? Could you give him a sofa to snuggle up on this Christmas?
PADDY is a very charming 4/5 (Dec 17) year old boy. He has wonderful kind and loving character. Paddy is very excited when he meets people but this soon calms down and he loves nothing more than to have a cuddle or nap on the sofa. He has been to Aunty Nicola’s for assessment this weekend and we have learnt Paddy is great with other dogs provided they are friendly and they don’t confront him. Paddy isn’t confident with very little people so we would say dog savvy children 10 years and up only. Paddy will be staying with Aunty Lizzie for a few days. Please look out for his photos and updates and keep sharing this fantastic young man. He deserves a family of his own.