Mr Beau Jangles

Mr BJ April 2016Mr Beau Jangles Update

2nd June 2016

It turns out I’m not really going to be suited to a domestic life in a house with a family. I need £850 for my new pad, a pad to call my own so that I am always safe and loved. All the mums have said once I have my own kennel they won’t have to send big bills to Team Poundie anymore. Team Keisha have said they will help a bit, if you can help too, please PayPal please mark payments Mr Beau xx
I’m going to share my story with you and hope you all understand why I really need your help……….

I was in the pound, fearful, scared and with no one to call my own. I was at serious risk of PTS, whatever that is (so said that lovely Cathy lady who got me out of there). When I was in the pound I didn’t trust humans and would be reactive to them; because of that they let me free run to the play area instead of using a lead to take me out. I was very thin and very confused by everything going on around me. Cathy (Queen Bee at Team Poundie) saved me from the pound! She said something about amazing supporters who wanted to help me go to a special SOS space at a sanctuary. I’ve been at Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary for some time now. Although I still don’t like other dogs I have grown to love the many mums I have here. I’d like to stay here forever because change might upset me but to do that I need your help to make this my forever home as I won’t adapt to normal domestic life easily. I love my buckets and toys and really want a forever pad . I have lots of new mums now that all love me and play with me (buckets and toys are my favourite things).

Thank you for taking care of me all this time. Lots of licks Mr Beau Jangles xxxx