Max & Scooby (aka Ronnie & Reggie)

URGENT FUNDS APPEAL!!! **Pupdate – we already have £308 of the £1050 needed** THANK YOU TEAM POUNDIE SUPPORTERS **

Three months ago we launched an appeal for funds. It was for two German Shepherds Ronnie and Reggie who were in the pound. Sad, broken and scared…They had lived their entire lives in excrement been beaten and abused and their only hope of a lifeline was to put them into a rehabilitation placement. With the help of some wonderful people we managed to secure a superb space with one of the best German Shepherd men in the country. These two boys were human aggressive and dog reactive. They were terrified of anything and everything and in their fear where defending themselves in the only way that they new how…. With their teeth! Yesterday we went down to Norfolk to see Ronnie and Reggie who are now called Max and Scooby. The difference in them is just incredible I can’t even begin to tell you. The amazing work that has been done with these boys made me smile from ear to ear.

THEIR JOURNEY AND THE WORK STILL TO BE DONE IS BY NO MEANS OVER AND MORE INTENSE WORK IS STILL NEEDED. The boys will now happily go in a vehicle but when they get to town, they are just too overwhelmed and scared of us horrible hoomans and they are to afraid and won’t leave it! They need our help to continue their journeys SO URGENT FUNDS ARE NEEDED TO ENABLE THIS TO HAPPEN. We think that Max is going to be suitable to go into a home in approximately 6 to 8 weeks time Scooby who is going to take longer as he has so many issues 🙁 His trainer who he loves and trusts still can’t touch him on his back not sure the pics show his furry back! He will however let him groom some bits as long as you are face on and he can see you 🙁 Sadly there is no money left in their pot. So it is a massive ask I know but to give those boys a chance of having a life and a family in the future. I hope my pictures and videos which I will post separately show you just how far they have come they were off the lead in an enclosed space with myself and Susie my pound manager and their trainer. I even got a kiss on the nose from Scooby I have to tell you I nearly dropped down dead to have him so near to me having known what he was like bearing in mind I got a message off Dave after a few weeks saying we have a breakthrough Nobody has been bitten for three days now! I have asked for an invoice and will post up but to my calculations I think I need to raise £1050 in two days THAT IS ALL THE TIME I HAVE, my fault I don’t keep track of time!!! PLEASE SHARE AND TAG ALL YOUR GSD FRIENDS. Let the boys get the help they still need PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE every £1 will go to these 2 boys Xx PAYPAL IS: YOU CAN ALSO TEXT DONATE NOW:Text GSDS01 followed by the amount ie: £10 (£1, £2, £3, £5, £10 only) to 70070 to donate to MAX AND SCOOBY AND SECURE THEM THE HELP THEY NEED.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Much Love

Cathy Holding (Team Poundie Founder)