Homes For Christmas!!

MAHOOSIVELY thank you’s to The Animal Team and Sammy Esparon yesterday got out Cracker Gsd boy and Lizzy FOR SAVING HIM and Dee for taking Raffles Saluki boy who went to safety with Cracker yesterday. Today we have Tex Akita boy going to Pete rbu’ by fab Balto aka Amy and Sue. Babbington and the amazing Sam has OFFERED THREE SPACES so we need a run Bucks to Nottingham today for Chip JRT, Diesel Staffie and a wee terror terrier Basil who has just done his 7 days but needs out asap as such a shortage of kennels 😢 Thanks to Elaine and Arundawn who took Oliver lurcher last week and are picking up my lumpy bumpy ebt boy today. Micky and Minnie might have a space BRUNO NEEDS A SPACE PLEASE KEEP SHARING HIM. Need a boy Hector taking from HP27 to Hamilton services and a new girly to put up in a minute so too will be in urgent need of a space due to NO ROOM IN THE POUND 🙁 xxx BLOODY FORGOT TO SAY…..THANK YOU TO MY TEAM POUNDIE GIRLS WHO i THINK I HAVE JUST ABOUT FRIED THEIR BRAINS!!! We also need wee Spot to get to Rotherham (don’t know how i forgot him!!!) Lisa and the amazing Rotherham dog rescue who took one of the Bullie Haven boys for us Little Benjie and who she is working miracles with! Another wee Bullie Haven girl Lola went to her new home this week RBU’d by Joanne and Ruffs rescue. CAN I JUST THANK AS WELL ‘ALL THE BLOODY BRILLIANT CROSSPOSTERS’ YOU ARE ARE ALL AMAZING. THANK YOU TOO TO ALL MY RESCUE PARTNERS WHO HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND SPACES TO FIT JUST ONE MORE DOG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BESTEST EVER NEWS IN THE WHOLE WILD WORLD HOWEVER IS THAT Ronnie, one of our boys who’s been waiting PATIENTLY FOR HIS FUREVER HOME TO COME UP….HAS FOUND JUST THAT!!! Nancy found him a lovely Mum, she passed her hc yesterday….SO HE WILL BE GOING ON HOME TRIAL WITH VIEW TO ADOPT, wishing him and his new Mum all the luck in the world, MASSIVE THANKS TO Hound Hotel and Carole, Carol, Anji, Chel and Jennifer who have cuddled and loved and looked after him Lynsey and Cleo’s Mutley Crew will be rbu for him too.