Dogs Needing Rescue Spaces





Seeking a rescue space is Amber, she is a speyed, chipped & vaccinated British Bulldog x Old Thyme Bulldog. She is a rescues dog that have folded now so is under Team Poundie as back up. She has had a bit of a mixed up life. She had been rehomed successfully in 2015 but 2 years later her owner was terminal and she found herself back in rescue. She has been with her current family for a year but the owner sadly has some anxiety problems and from reading all the information I’d say that Amber is a typical BLOODY MINDED MARY OF A BULL DOG and is running rings around them a bit. They asked for help but still not managing so have asked if we can take her back, so she is now looking for a BULLDOG EXPERIENCED RESCUE and will need a BULLDOG EXPERIENCED HOME. This is her info:

Amber is a typical bull dog but on her terms and when she wants it she can be very cuddly. She loves people and children but WILL MOUNT AND HUMP SMALL CHILDREN so it is essential she is homed with older kiddies only. She is very dog reactive on the lead, but her current owner has been working on this and said there has been improvement. She can be very unpredictable in the home setting with other dogs, though she has allowed some in, current owner thinks she may be ok with a calm male bulldog with an experienced owner, but probably ideally the only pet in the home. She is a very dominant girl and can be quite full one, she has typically of the breed tons of character, and though she can be stubborn she also has the ability to make you laugh. She is crate and house trained and can be left happily for short periods of time. She is good with food and treats. She is seeking a rescue space only PLEASE SHARE this girl as you can see from latter pictures has put on a lot of weight the first pics are from a year ago fatter dog pics are recent. Share please to help her find a space and a home.xx





















Wow wait till you see this stunner, seeking a rescue space, he is an akita cross (owners say malamute). His Daddy is terminally ill and very very poorly so tragically this stunning boy is seeking a rescue space. He will be 3 years old in January, he is entire, no vaccs and is chipped. He is GOOD WITH CHILDREN AND DOGS!! but no to cats. Please share if you are a rescue and can offer him a space please let me


Wonderful Wilbur is seeking a rescue space please share him 😘 Wilbur is a Lurcher boy 1-2 yrs old, microchipped and castrated. Wilbur is a very lively boy and always on the go, he is quite highly strung in kennels, a little selective when he sees another dog, usually not keen on a dominant male but would need assessment outside kennel environment. He is quite muscular but cheeky and playful too. Nice boy.x RESCUE ONLY