Bullie Haven Update..

***Bullie Haven Dogs Update***
Thank you to everyone for your help to date, we are truly grateful.
We have so far raised £110.00 that was specifically for the Bullie Haven dogs and with spays, transport and EB costs we have currently spent £410.00 to ensure the dogs safety. The dogs that are currently fostered and ready to adopt will be going under specific rescues for RBU and there they will be assigned for full adoption through the said rescues. Adoption fees will be payable to the rescues they are assigned to.
If you do have any questions please direct to Cathy, Mandy L/E or Anji.
If you would like to help with the costs please paypal the usual Team Poundie address pennies@teampoundie.com or if you can join in our raffles and fundraising efforts that would be fantastic so that we can continue with helping all the dogs we can, we just never know what is round our next corner.
Thank you xxxx