Continuing Bromley’s Story……..

***Bromley Update 16/10/2017 16.45pm GREAT NEWS***
After Cathy’s and Sarah’s huge push to save Bromley, his Bill rose to £2,627.10 today, but he is alive and he is ready to leave for a quiet temporary foster near to the vets before he moves onto rescue.
The amount of people that helped with his vital care and sent loving, healing thoughts has been absolutely wonderful. So many people to thank!
With a huge chunk still to find, tonight Andrea Newton of Finding Furever Homes settled the remaining bill in FULL to date so we now only need to raise the hospitalisation each night from tonight, until he leaves for his foster.
It has been a very traumatic few days and because of everyones love and kindness, this beautiful boy now has hope.
We just need to find the right foster home in Dudley for a short while to ensure he is well enough to travel and close to his vets so that he can attend hiw follow up appointments and become the strong spirit he should of been, not a frightened, injured and unwanted boy.
We hope you will join us in thanking everyone and in particular FFH by sharing their page to help find the dogs there looking for homes.
God bless you and Bromley Bear xxxxxxx

10.40 am Wednesday 18th October 2017
Bev Bryan massive, massive thank you !!!
Bev is collecting Bromley and taking him to Nic – TODAY !!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU !!!!! xxxxxx
“He is very bright, beginning to learn to trust me and he is wagging his tail and playing this morning. He is such a lovely boy….”
OK we need to move him asap looking for transport today?
We are pleased to let you know that Bromley is going to Last Hope, Nic and her team have a home lined up for him for fostering – the sooner we can get him there the better as he is ready to be loved.