Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde urgently need rescue space

Bonnie & Clyde have been given a rescue space together!

**** Update 28/06/16****

Bonnie & Clyde are SAFE TOGETHER – they have rescue space and will have their ops this week. They are now out of the Pound and in Emergency Boarding. Thanks to an emergency transport run today, the Pound is full and they were just not safe – they had to come out fast!

Massive thank you to everyone who has shared them and the Smiley Staffy Group for helping raise funds to cover their costs. Once a foster has been found they will be able to leave the boarding kennels.

Big High Paws x 2

Picked up together as strays, Bonnie and Clyde are a gorgeous clearly well bonded pair that have ended up in the pound and could very soon be on the “Put to Sleep list” after nobody came for them.They are both happy go lucky, love peopleĀ and don’t mind other dogs and likely they lived together. Bonnie likes to smile too. It would be nice if we could keep them together because they really love each other. Bonnie we think is around 4-6 years old and Clyde is younger aged around 2-3. Beautiful Bonnie has starting producing milk, but we think it is a phantom and needs looking into further as soon as possible as it can lead to Pyometra straight after.