24 Hours & A Family of 10

Sophie and her puppies in their foster home.

Sophie and her puppies safe in their foster home.

Getting a whole family of dogs safe within 24 hours must be one of the greatest achievements for not just Team Poundie, but all those involved in the rescue of 2 adult akita dogs and their 8 puppies! Unfortunately they were unwanted by the owners and there was soon an offer made to take all the puppies but without mum; with the puppies just 3 weeks old, Team Poundie were keen to keep them with mum so the race was on was to search for alternative rescue and get this little canine family to a safe, stable place as soon as we could.
A space for the mother and puppies together was found and all that needed to be done was to arrange collection and transport of this llittle family as soon as possible. Surely things couldn’t be that easy, could they? The short answer is no! As arrangements were being made for the transport, there were some crossed wires. Somehow word got to the rescue who offered space for mum (now called Sophie) and her babies that they had already been saved and the space wasn’t needed. Team Poundie Founder, Cathy, and the rest of the team working to save this adorable family found out that due to the mistake the rescue had taken 2 dogs overnight meaning no space was available for Sophie and the pups. Cathy, and a number of people from other rescues all pulled together to find an alternative.


Sophie and her pups at feeding time.

Finally, a wonderful foster home was found and a great rescue Friends Of Akitas agreed to provide the always important back up needed to ensure Sophie and her puppies have someone there for them for the rest of their lives. Wondering about dad? Well, although he was in very poor condition he was found a space with a rescue too! The transports were arranged and once all the dogs had been collected there was a collective sigh of relief from all. There were so many people involved in he saving of these dogs and Team Poundie thanks every one of them for their part in saving 10 dogs within 24 hours!
All of the dogs saved will be availble for adoption at some point. The puppies are far too young to leave mum at the moment so it will be a while. Team Poundie are covering emergencies and would like to ensure the rescues that have taken in these dogs whilst already full and offered a desperately needed lifeline for this family have everything they need. So we will be backing them every step of the way; in the meantime Friends Of Akitas are in need of some things to help take care of the puppies and have an Amazon wishlist. If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so by using the donate button and marking your payment “Sophie’s Family”.

Two of the pupies finally safe.

Two of the pupies finally safe.

Dog bless everyone involved in this amazing success for dog rescue! The rescues who stepped up to offer a lifeline, the transporters who collected the dogs at such short notice, the amazing fosterers (one of which has now got a family of 9 to care for!), the people who got the details of this ittle family out there so they could have a chance of being saved. An amazing effort by all, and a true testament of how much all of us in dog rescue can achieve when we come together as a team.

Hi paws all round!!