Dogs Helped by Team PoundieDogs Helped by Team Poundie

***Please welcome Donny to Team Poundie/Balto’s care***
Emily Barrie put a shout out for Donny a staff x boxer today.
“Lovely senior boy in my local council kennels under the care of the dog warden service. He is 7y+, chipped, neuter status unsure. He’s a typical older dog. Very friendly. Desperately seeking a rescue space after his owner has been admitted to hospital with no view to be released any time soon. He’s been in kennels 2 weeks already and desperately needs a comfy sofa”
Tonight we spoke with the girls at Balto, after we have all had a very difficult week and feeling the strain of broken hearts, disappointment in people, let down dogs and general tiredness from it all and we all agreed this boy needs us. Ana from the fantastic Foster First has sent across some potential foster homes for us to check and Wendy is on it.
So everyone, please welcome “Sir Poundie Donny Osmond Balto” who will be heading our way very soon.
We are extremely sorry his dad is so poorly and we can’t do a thing to help him, but we can care for his beloved boy the Balto/TP 5 star way because of you all.
Caroline, this ones for you – your pennies you saved so hard all year to help us, well here he is our Donny xx

Donny is on his way…….Simon has collected him from the Pound and he is now heading off to kennels to be assessed, vet checked, neutered…..whatever he needs – while Balto & Co find that special home for him.
We will do our very best to find that sofa before Christmas Mr Osmond xxxx


Clare Williams at Doods put this post up today…..
“This little boy needs a foster home ASAP.
His story is heartbreaking, because he is inseparable from his owner who he has lived with since a pup, and has been loved and cared for.
This boys owner is dying and has been told he has a week at most 😭
All the owner wants is a loving home for his boy, who is curled up on the bed with his owner, and will not leave his side 😭
I would like to help this boy, and find a loving home for him, and in time for his owner to see him in that home, so he can pass with no worries about his dog 😭
This boy is 8 yrs old, neutered, vacc’d, doesn’t need much exercise, will bark at new people entering the home but no aggression. Has been known to nip ankles when people leave the home, again not aggressive.
This boy is fine with dogs out of the home on walks, but we would like a kid & pet free for him, as he will grieve for his owner.
I know this is a big ask, but please can any rescue help, has to be foster placement not kennels.
This lad is Chorley area 😭😭😭”

Welcome to Balto/Team Poundie little man, we are so very sorry but we will do everything in our power to try to make you happy again. With Foster First’s help, Sue will be racing against the clock to get a homecheck done so we can get you a home to care for you at a time you will need more love than ever before.

We cannot thank everyone enough, for trying to help this little man and we will be with you every step of the way beautiful.

Much love to you all for supporting Team Poundie, so we can help dogs like Oscar and support amazing rescue’s like Balto xx

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