Dogs Helped by Team PoundieDogs Helped by Team Poundie

Donny Osmond received a very posh new bed today. A wonderful lady donated some wonderful beds and this huge one we were planning on raffling to raise funds at some point. Donny needed a comfy bed, Donny gets only the best bed….
His lovely foster dad said it’s not looking likely he will be getting out if it for quite some time!
Happy dog bed day Donny   xx


Team Poundie saves dogs from being put to sleep in the pounds, supports rescues, helps dogs where their rescues have closed, domestic abuse cases and cruelty cases in the UK trying everything to prevent dogs going into the pound system as so many die and a lot of people don’t realise just how many.
Team Poundie doesn’t buy dogs nor import them from other countries, but tonight as we headed home – something happened and we just knew we wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if we didn’t help.
Christina who does so much work in the rescue world, purchased the black pup today, soaking wet and cold from travellers knowing another two had to be left behind at only 6 weeks old, living outside in the cold and rain.
After much soul searching and asking for help, we made the decision to get the other two. We couldn’t leave them there, we are really sorry.
We really shouldn’t have, but we are not going to lie to you – we had to!
Christina your an angel, risking everything to go and get these pups who will now get everything they need.
Please welcome Gizmo who was safely with Christina today and now Neil & Nellie who are under Team Poundie’s care. They will be staying with Gizmo for a while and when fit and well and old enough in 2020, we will be looking for their forever homes.
Hands up how many would of turned and walked away without a second thought?
Not on your Nellie!
If you can help us in any way we would be really grateful – Sowwy xxxx
Our paypal is please mark for Neil and Nellie as we are going to need absolutely everything for them, Christina is going to have a very busy Christmas !
We need Mum now

Thank you to Hound from The Pound for bringing Casper into the lives of the most amazing family. We are bursting with love and happiness for this boy and the life he now has ahead of him.
Casper stayed with Ann and Martin when he arrived from the Pound – again collected by Simon in THE van 🙂 and the plan was for him to stay there over Christmas, while we got everything sorted that he needed. Nothing goes to plan and sometimes you just have to follow your heart – this is one of those very special times, where magic happens.
A young lady desperate to have her own dog, really really wanted Casper and it all depended on successful introductions to two little terriers the family owned. The family are very experienced and knew how vital it was that Casper fitted in well.
Then a real emergency came up, that we just couldn’t ignore (which we will update you with later), so a decision had to be made. Do we hold this fella back from the home we know 100% will love and cherish him for the rest of his life and let the emergency be – what will be will be? Not on your Nelly ! It was clear Marianne’s description of Casper was 100% spot on and the chances were high, that two little fiesty friends wouldn’t phase him.
Ann and Martin drove all the way to his potential home, known extremely well by Anji and everything was crossed !
Pictures speak a thousand words……………
Beautiful boy, with a beautiful new Mommy. Casper has just landed well and truly on his feet!
Thank you so much to Marianne, Simon & his mean machine, Ann & Martin for taking Casper and reporting on his day to day life including going to work with Ann, Anji, Nicky and Katie and to everyone here who supported this boy.
Precious home for a precious boy
Home now gorgeous lad – Forever and ever xxxx

Today’s emergency, who is now in the safe loving arms of Ann & Martin, who will help this poor girl return to the English Bull Terrier she should be and once was.
Please we strongly ask for no negative comments, our priority is and always will be the dogs that need help – ALWAYS!
Simon is on his way home now after a very long day, we cannot thank him enough for his dedication helping so many and collecting Dolly today, so she can get to the comfort of a loving foster home as soon as possible. There is nowhere right now in this world where she will be better cared for.
As we type this, Dolly has instantly curled up between Ann & Martin who have never seen an EBT so thin, hungry, small and in such bad condition and they know their EBT’s.
So Dolly will be going to the vets as soon as possible and we shall give her everything she needs, in anticipation of your help as always.
It’s been a very hard week, always expected this time of the year, but we just had to help her.
Please hold Dolly in your thoughts, she must be feeling pretty awful right now.
Thank you Simon, Ann & Martin, not sure where Dolly would be right now without you xx

Dolly update
Medicated bathing for Dolly! In true English Bull Terrier fashion it was war as soon as Dolly realized what was going to happen so I had to take the lid off Reg’s/Frank’s box of belongings and let her sort through while I applied the shampoo. Not quite what it says on the shampoo bottle but it worked and so did leading Dolly into the bathroom to be rinsed thoroughly. From experience I know she will never enter the bathroom so easily ever again! As you can see from her expression in the final photograph she is now planning her revenge 😲😲😲

Si and The Team Poundie van had a 6am pick up this morning.
Meet Zak, 8 years old who was at risk of being put to sleep.
Zak is on the Senior Staffie waiting list and in the interim will be cared for by Team Poundie.
He will be in kennels for a few days, be vet checked and neutered and move onto his waiting foster home should his space not be available for a while.
Zak is very friendly and excitable and was more than happy jumping in the van with Uncle Si this morning x

Team Poundie were involved in another transport run today for the beautiful young boy Reece.
He is now in the safety of his Foster home, with a furever home check pending.
Many thanks to everyone involved in making his life secure.
Teamwork at it’s best.

***Tyson Update***
This beautiful chunky boy was another emergency, with literally a day to do anything! Talk about fur flying !
Sweet, sweet older boy who we just knew we had to get moved, so we called on so many to join us in getting this boy the help he needed, with the deadline 1pm today.
Foster First came in with a few foster options, so a supporter Jayne, who helps us so much in other ways too – carried out a homecheck yesterday, which was a big fat pass. An application was in with Senior Staffy, chased up frantically and a wonderful lady (who we best not name, as she is retiring ) made a kennel available for a short term emergency.
Simon was asked to collect, which if it wasn’t for him and our amazing van – so many babies would be a bit stuck and of course he jumped into action with very little notice, driving all the way to West Sussex – not knowing at 5am whether he was heading North, South, East or West. He just had it in his head, 9am pick up !
Fast forward……..Tysons space became available on route at SSC so that was it, no time to lose.
So……this gorgeous boy is now in the loving arms of the fantastic Senior Staffie Club and we couldn’t be happier.
The homecheck? Well it just so happens, that wonderful home offer won’t be empty for long!
Meaning Tysons plight will save another soul and grab a sofa for Christmas!
So huge thanks to Ana at Foster First, Senior Staffy Club, Simon the dogs doo da’s, Wonder Jayne, the retiring treasure of a lady and all you absolutely amazing people for fighting to save him!
Tyson is safe and we cannot think of anywhere better for the Chunky Monkey !

Jordie’s days were numbered, you may of all seen him shared yesterday in desperation. With Team Poundie’s help he is booked in for Neuter tomorrow so he can go to his rescue Wednesday.
All we need help with now is a run from Surrey RH6 to East Sussex TN22 on Wednesay (Has to be Wednesday) which is approximately 22 miles.
The Team Poundie van is already doing a Poundie run, so we really need your help.
If you would like to help with our costs, any donation no matter how small will help towards the Bill’s.
Our PayPal is please mark as “Jordie” BUT the priority right now is solving the transport run, so sharing will really help.
Thank you so much everyone xx

***Please welcome Donny to Team Poundie/Balto’s care***
Emily Barrie put a shout out for Donny a staff x boxer today.
“Lovely senior boy in my local council kennels under the care of the dog warden service. He is 7y+, chipped, neuter status unsure. He’s a typical older dog. Very friendly. Desperately seeking a rescue space after his owner has been admitted to hospital with no view to be released any time soon. He’s been in kennels 2 weeks already and desperately needs a comfy sofa”
Tonight we spoke with the girls at Balto, after we have all had a very difficult week and feeling the strain of broken hearts, disappointment in people, let down dogs and general tiredness from it all and we all agreed this boy needs us. Ana from the fantastic Foster First has sent across some potential foster homes for us to check and Wendy is on it.
So everyone, please welcome “Sir Poundie Donny Osmond Balto” who will be heading our way very soon.
We are extremely sorry his dad is so poorly and we can’t do a thing to help him, but we can care for his beloved boy the Balto/TP 5 star way because of you all.
Caroline, this ones for you – your pennies you saved so hard all year to help us, well here he is our Donny xx

Donny is on his way…….Simon has collected him from the Pound and he is now heading off to kennels to be assessed, vet checked, neutered…..whatever he needs – while Balto & Co find that special home for him.
We will do our very best to find that sofa before Christmas Mr Osmond xxxx


Clare Williams at Doods put this post up today…..
“This little boy needs a foster home ASAP.
His story is heartbreaking, because he is inseparable from his owner who he has lived with since a pup, and has been loved and cared for.
This boys owner is dying and has been told he has a week at most 😭
All the owner wants is a loving home for his boy, who is curled up on the bed with his owner, and will not leave his side 😭
I would like to help this boy, and find a loving home for him, and in time for his owner to see him in that home, so he can pass with no worries about his dog 😭
This boy is 8 yrs old, neutered, vacc’d, doesn’t need much exercise, will bark at new people entering the home but no aggression. Has been known to nip ankles when people leave the home, again not aggressive.
This boy is fine with dogs out of the home on walks, but we would like a kid & pet free for him, as he will grieve for his owner.
I know this is a big ask, but please can any rescue help, has to be foster placement not kennels.
This lad is Chorley area 😭😭😭”

Welcome to Balto/Team Poundie little man, we are so very sorry but we will do everything in our power to try to make you happy again. With Foster First’s help, Sue will be racing against the clock to get a homecheck done so we can get you a home to care for you at a time you will need more love than ever before.

We cannot thank everyone enough, for trying to help this little man and we will be with you every step of the way beautiful.

Much love to you all for supporting Team Poundie, so we can help dogs like Oscar and support amazing rescue’s like Balto xx

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