All dogs saved from the Pound go through rescue. Team Poundie saves dogs that are on death row through no fault of their own that have ended up in a pound with no owner and no one responsible for them what we do is get dogs out of pounds and also sometimes what we call hand ins which are dogs that for whatever reason the owners can no longer keep. We prevent those dogs ending up on Gumtree and suchlike because those poor dogs very often end up being used as bait dogs in dog fighting rings or for other horrible situations abused by so called humans.

We support the ethos of saving dogs who will be put to sleep in seven days as the councils have no legal obligation to keep them alive after seven days.

There is massive problem in this country with back yard breeders our vision for the future and why we wanted to gain charity status is so that we can contribute to helping the over population of dogs in this country by being able to be in a financial position to neuter, Spey and vaccinate /microchip the dogs before they go to rescue and then it helps the rescue as the financial burden is lessened on them and they can in turn help more dogs. With educating people to adopt “thrown away” over bred poor dogs, it lessens the requirement to buy dogs that have been bred for greed.

We have to have fees to cover kennels (Emergency Boarding) because sometimes the dogs cannot go straight to rescue also we cover vet treatments neuter/Spey vacs etc with currently all fundraising through Facebook, but we struggle and would like to be in a better position financially to be able to help with the dogs and to raise awareness of poundie dogs and their plight. We want to campaign for the dogs and educate people on what a terrible situation has arisen from the over breeding and non neutering of dogs, they are sad – broken- very often very poorly – cruelly treated – scared to death. We even have dogs sent to rehab to save their souls when they have shut down and given up on the world.

Team Poundie believe we can make a difference and we are……with a growing strong following.

Team Poundie make people aware of the dogs whose 7 days are up (their owners have not come for them) in the Pound. This means they are at risk of being put to sleep. As the pound fills the longest termers are on put to sleep in that order, so are most urgent to find rescue spaces.